Moto App

The Moto app is Motorola’s flagship application. The updated app provides users with Motorola features that have been designed to create a unique and personalized mobile experience.

Social Connectedness of Children with Chronic Illnesses

Children diagnosed with a chronic illness, such as cancer, experience a vastly different childhood than their healthy counterparts. They may struggle with accepting that they are no longer seen as “normal”.

Health Vlogging on YouTube

Health video blogs (vlogs) allow individuals with different health conditions to share their stories, experiences, and knowledge with the general public.

Designing Patient Reminders and Notifications

For people who have chronic illnesses, there is often a multitude of information that must be remembered in order to manage their illness such as medications, appointments, and overall, to take care of their health.

Mobile Technologies for Caregivers of Preterm Infants

Parents of high-risk infants experience a variety of challenges in providing care at home, in particular in communication and receiving social support for caregivers.

Usability of Personal Health Records

Personal health records (PHR), often created and monitored by patients themselves, have enormous potential to improve both documentation of health information and patient care.